Kingfisher Class Thu 26th March

Dear Kingfisher,

We hope that you are all staying safe at home and that you are able to get outside when possible, in a safe manner. The daily tasks are listed below, and after that we are giving you work which can be done in line with your usual timetable.

Daily tasks: 

Times Tables – TT Rockstars or any practice that helps you develop and retain fluency.

Reading – Read for 20 minutes every day. See if you can find a new, interesting place to read each day! Audible  has opened up its children’s books section for free – so download something different and get it to read to you!

Audible Stories – 100s of kids’ audiobooks for free. Just click, stream and listen:

Spellings - Please continue to learn and USE the year 5/6 statutory spellings. Choose 10 and try to write a sentence incorporating one of each in the correct context – see if you can get more than one into a single sentence.   If you do not have a list, look on Twinkl.  There are lists for Year 3 and 4 words and Year 5 and 6 words.

Go on to Spelling list Year 3 and 4 for lists and word searches.

Spelling list Year 5 and 6 for list of spellings and crosswords using these spellings.

Activity – Don’t forget that at school you have a run around twice a day during break and lunch. It’s up to you what activity you do at home, but it is important to keep a routine going. Rather than setting PE for you each week, try to join in with the Joe Wicks live school workout sessions.  It will happen each day on You Tube at 9 a.m.  You don’t need any equipment or kit – just get moving – it will be a great way to start your day – and you’ll be doing it with hundreds of other children around the country!

How to join in Joe Wicks Body Coach PE lessons for kids

Go to The Body Coach TV  on YouTube and simply join in the 30 minute workout from 9am.

English and Maths

To give your child a set of fully planned and accessible tasks to do at home, we are recommending Hamilton Trust’s website.  They have a daily lesson for both English and Maths for Year 6.

There are five lessons for each subject in Week One, which will take your child up to and including Tuesday 31st March.

It is not expected that you do Week 2 but if you wish to continue, there is more there to do.  The English is centred around Harry Potter!

These activities are differentiated.

For French today carry on with the tasks from yesterday, log in to Linguascope and learn the vocabulary for Easter in French.

Go to – the username is wicklewood and the password is wickle01. If you go into the Beginner section and click the French flag look for Occasions spéciales and then click on Paques. Listen to the presentation before trying out the games – always try to repeat the pronunciation when you hear it. See if you can find out about how Easter is celebrated in France.


Hopefully you are enjoying the Joe Wicks workouts – why not try this challenge too…

Learn a new skill that requires hand-eye coordination. This could be throwing a ball or another object into the air and catching it with one hand. If it is your right-hand and you are right-handed, make it more challenging by using your left hand or vice versa. Consider how to make your skill more difficult, such as by throwing the item higher each time or putting one hand behind your back.

Some skills you may want to try are:

  • Football keepy-uppies
  • Throwing and catching with a family member
  • Balances