Kestrel Class Wed 25th March

Following discussion with the year 6 team, we have reviewed the resources that the Hamilton Trust are providing on their website. Their resources are thoroughly planned and come with useful explanations taken from their slides. In the interest of providing resources that are able to help with consolidation, I attach a weblink that will allow you to directly access these resources. They have a daily Maths and English lesson for year 5.

If you can, I would suggest you access these resources in the first instant for Math and English review. I will also put on a daily English and Maths task for those that are unable to reach the Hamilton lessons. If you could email me via the office, it would be helpful for me to know whether you are able to reach the Hamilton Trust lessons or not and if you are finding them useful and accessible or whether you would prefer a shorter, less resource heavy task each day. As we are all experiencing this for the first time, all feedback is welcome and useful. Thank you all for your support, encouragement and understanding during this time.

English – 

Recap the features of a recount, use a mind-map to demonstrate what you remember. Then have a go at writing your own first person recount of the first day you spent home-learning. Try to include as many features as possible. Then go through your recount and highlight and annotate the features you have included. As a side-note, this will be a unique experience for you all and to give you something to look back at, you might want to keep a diary or journal of your day to day activities as an additional activity. 

Maths – 

Revising the operation of addition. Use column addition to add 2, 4 digit numbers –  you may want to roll a dice to generate the numbers. Consider where you would exchange. Then, think about what other methods you can use to add numbers. Are there any easier techniques that can make adding numbers more efficient, such as partitioning? Consider how you would demonstrate that. Once you have practised using addition, think about how you would check your answers.

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PE – 

Learn a new skill that requires hand-eye coordination. This could be throwing a ball or another object into the air and catching it with one hand. If it is your right-hand and you are right-handed, make it more challenging by using your left hand or vice versa. Consider how to make your skill more difficult, such as by throwing the item higher each time or putting one hand behind your back. 

Some skills you may want to try are: 

  • Football keepy-uppies 
  • Throwing and catching with a family member
  • One-legged pistol squats
  • Balances

RE –

Think about the religions you have learnt about across your whole school career. Which religion do you think you know the most about? Create a fact-file for that religion. Use BBC Bitesize to find out more about that religion. You may want to use the link below to help you:

Challenge: Use the link to help you learn about a new religion. 

Super Challenge: Learn about two religious festivals and compare and contrast between the two using a similarities and differences table.

Stay safe all,

Miss Marfleet