Kestrel Class Tue 24th March

Hello Kestrels,

I hope you’re all staying safe at home. To keep us on track I have organised work in line with our lessons to cover our usual weekly timetable. To confirm there will be no new learning, just consolidation of what has been taught already. During the final week of school being open, we completed our unit on fractions which means you are all well deserving of a break over the Easter holidays! Until then, I’ll be setting some work to target those areas that proved more challenging or that need review as well as reviewing all the other learning we have done so far this year. That means you may need to think really hard all the way back to September!

English – 

Research and choose 3 poetic styles (examples of this include things like haikus, narrative poems, limericks and others). Then create a table to contrast the similarities and differences between the poetic styles. Consider the poetic devices used.

Maths –

Practise using the 4 operations. 

  • Multiplying 4 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers (or more if you are comfortable)
  • Dividing using the bus stop method (with remainders)
  • Add 2 or more 4 digit numbers together using short column addition
  • Subtract 3 digit numbers from 4 digit numbers using short column addition

Have a go at one challenge a day:

A screenshot of a cell phone

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If you complete the challenge, have a go at writing a similar one of your own.

Music –

Access YUMU using your unique log-on and recap some of our music learning. Practise our latest music song.

Computing –

Make progress on your express course. I will be setting some activities through google classroom so if you haven’t already, practise logging onto your google classroom page by going onto google chrome as a web browser (if you don’t already have this it is free to download). Then on the top right corner click the circular icon and log into your account using your animal and your password. For those of you in school over the last week, we practised this in computing. This might look like this:


If you need reminding of this or any other log-ins please contact myself via the office by and putting your subject as FAO: Miss Marfleet – this will ensure the email is then redirected promptly so I can assist you, for any other queries please direct emails in the same way. 

Thank you,

Miss Marfeet