Kestrel Class Tue 31st March

For Maths and English, continue to follow the Hamilton lessons if you wish. There’s a range of activities, but feel free to dip in and out of the Hamilton activities and those that I post below.

English – 

Think back to our writing to persuade. In your home-learning book, mind-map or list as many features as you can for persuasive writing. Research appropriately if you have blank page syndrome. Bitesize is always a great place to start.

Maths –

To help with our recent learning, have a go at Week 1 lesson 1 on the white rose maths website.

If you are unable to access this, try completing the following: 


If you complete the challenge, have a go at writing a similar one of your own.

Music –

Access YUMU using your unique log-on and recap some of our music learning. Practise our latest music song. I have updated this to progress onto the next parts of the lesson to keep us continuing.

Computing –

I have added 2dos to your purple mash, there’s a variety of activities on there so have a go at whichever and I can mark these and review as and when.