Kestrel Class Mon 30th March

For Maths and English, continue to follow the Hamilton lessons if you wish. There’s a range of activities, but feel free to dip in and out of the Hamilton activities and those that I post below.

English –

Review your use of paragraphs. I’ve attached a powerpoint (attachment d) aimed at younger students but containing some great information for review. Have a read through and then practise writing paragraphs with clear topics. Use the topic of climate change for inspiration. Write 2 paragraphs that contain clear and separate ideas such as raising temperatures and deforestation. Make sure you use lots of interesting sentence openers and conjunctions to extend your sentences.

Maths –

Revising shapes:

Look around your house for as many 2D and 3D shapes as you can, draw them into your home-learning book and label them with the correct shape name. Try and get at least 10 shapes.

Have a go at one challenge a day:

If you complete the challenge, have a go at writing a similar one of your own.

Science –

We recently spent our final day trying to squeeze in our science project that had been planned to last 3 days! Well done to those who were present as we got so much learning done I was blown away! Our topic is currently Earth and Space and we have focussed on the solar system. On our final morning we learnt all about the different planets. Please complete one of the following activities:

  1. Pick a planet to research and write a fact file about it with as many interesting facts as you can find. 
  2. Create a model of our solar system using craft items around the house.
  3. Design a rocket that could take you to Mars, research the features your rocket will need to survive in space and manage a landing and take-off. Label your rocket to show the materials you have used, the special features that will help it to survive in space and the unique design features you have added to support the astronauts in space.