Kestrel Class Fri 27th March

For Maths and English, continue to follow the Hamilton lessons if you wish. There’s a range of activities, but feel free to dip in and out of the Hamilton activities and those that I post below.


Today we are going to focus on using subordinate conjunctions. Access the sites below for information on subordinate conjunctions if you need/for review.

Once you feel more confident with subordinate conjunctions, write a short extract (1-2 paragraphs) using subordinate conjunctions where appropriate as if you were Theseus, thinking about what will happen when he comes face-to-face with the minotaur! Use first, second or third person and try to include some emotive language that helps the reader to understand how Theseus is feeling.


Revising the operation of division:

Please access this resource (attachment c) and complete either the 1, 2 or 3 peak task. Answers are included so you can check your work after you finish.

Have a go at one challenge a day:

If you complete the challenge, have a go at writing a similar one of your own.

Celebration Assembly – 

In the absence of our celebration assembly, imagine you were giving out awards for your family. What would they get a certificate for? Write your thoughts in your home-learning book. You could even design them certificates if you wanted.


As you know, we love an arty activity on a Friday afternoon to finish the week. However, we would have had Geography if we were in school so a combination of the two…

Can you use your map skills to draw a map of the downstairs of your house. You can include grid squares with letters and numbers to use for coordinates and if you like you can include your garden.

Challenge yourself by writing 5 questions for somebody to solve using your map. For example, what item can be found at the coordinates A,6? Or, where would you find the kitchen door?