Greenfinch Class Thu 26th March

Hello again, Greenfinches! 

We hope you are well and staying safe and healthy at home.  Here are some new activities for Thursday, Friday and Monday.  We hope you find them enjoyable and that they help keep your bodies and brains active.
Miss Jell & Mrs Nixon.

Physical Activity Join in with a Les Mills ‘Born to Move’ dance class.  This class lasts for 20 minutes. If you have younger siblings at home there are a number of other Les Mills classes available for younger children. 


Please keep reading every day!  Over the next few days, please revisit the ‘Oxford Owl’ website.  My suggested reader for this week was ‘The Personality Potion’ but moving on and in to next week please read ‘Pirate Poems’ and ‘Grace the Pirate’, both in the 7-9 year old section.  If you would like to challenge yourself further enter the 9-11 section.  Attached to this webpage are some guided reading challenge cards which can be printed out or viewed online.  These can be used by an adult or older sibling in your family to help discuss the texts you read and you can also use them to devise your own questions for other members of your family. 

For further cross curricular reading activities, please see below in the “Science” section. 


Please continue to write an entry in your green diary (or your own diary) every day.  

Your new writing task is to write at least one of the following texts

  • A poem about a pirate
  • A poem about skeletons
  • An information text about pirates
  • An information text about skeletons

To support you in this task you can logon to Espresso and 

  • Click on Key stage 1, English, Pirates
  • Click on Key stage 2, English, Pirates
  • Click on Key Stage 2, English, Poetry – lower

And you can use the attached ‘Non-Fiction Record of Information’ sheets to write down your facts and information before writing your text type.

Don’t forget to look back at our Year 3 writing targets to ensure you are being the best writer you can be.

SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar)

​Please visit and focus on games containing ‘Nouns’, ‘Verbs’ and ‘Adjectives’.  To challenge yourself you can then move on to other games involving other word types such as ‘Adverbs’ and ‘Antonyms’. 


Times tables – TTRockstars.  Due to Miss Jell not being able to monitor your progress in class and adapt the content of TTRockstars as the moment, she has set the tables to include 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, 11s as standard.  She has also included the 4s and 8s as we have learnt how to use doubling to calculate these answers e.g. doubling the 2s to find the 4s, doubling the 4s to find the 8s.  If you wish to stretch yourself further please enter the STUDIO which will include all multiplication and division facts up to 12×12.  If you wish to adapt the level of challenge to suit yourself please visit where you are able to focus on on the specific tables you would like to work on.

Also, we would like to you enter the ‘Maths’ section of Oxford Owl this week.  Please click on the link in the purple ‘PARENTS’ box on the homepage.  

  • Then click on the ‘Kids Activities’ tab 
  • Then ‘Browse Maths Activities’
  • Click on 7-9 
  • Complete the Data Handling activity and the Multiply by 4 and Multiply by 8 games. 

ICT / Computing

Please logon to Purple Mash.  Miss Pawley has set “ToDos” related to your work on Spreadsheets and Mrs Nixon has added “Guard the Castle” as part of your Coding lessons. 


​Following our Christianity topic and our learning about Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and Lent, please visit the BBC webpage at focusing on the 2 videos ‘What is Lent?’ and ‘What is Easter?’. Talk about the videos with a grown up or older sibling.  Compare what you have seen with your owncelebrations of Easter.  


Using your Espresso login details please go to:

  • Key Stage 2
  • Science
  • Bodies – lower

1) Watch the video about skeletons2) Do the Skeleton Quiz3) Play Skeleton Snap4) Complete the Different Skeletons sorting activity5) Extend your knowledge by reading the 2 fact files ‘The Human Skeleton’ and ‘Different Skeletons’


​As Easter approaches think about how you and your family will be celebrating this year.  Watch the Newsround clip at and think about the questions at the bottom of the screen.  Choose an Easter craft to make this week or have a go at these origami ideas at  If you have access to a printer, an origami rabbit is attached to this webpage.  Miss Jell has also attached an ‘Easter recipe booklet’ to help develop your understanding of instructional texts even further and to have some fun cooking (Miss Jell will be making Easter nests…of course!)


For those of you with a Charanga login please visit where your first lesson has been set.  And / or please visit and use your skills from school to join in with Lesson 1 – African drumming.  Can you find a box and a tub/container to act as the cajon and djembe?  Can you join in with the rhythm ‘The king is coming’ ? Can you ask a member of your family to communicate with you from another part of the house with their own ‘drum’? Try to create the 3 different sounds described in the lesson using your ‘drum’. Extend your own learning by moving on to Lesson 2 in this series.