BIG Update November 2015

We are continuing to maintain anti-bullying as a high-profile issue at all times.

This term, we have doubled the number of Bully-Busters to reflect the growing number of children in the school.

Aspiring Bully-Busters had to write a letter of application, and then the existing team of Bully-Busters met to decide on who to interview and the sort of questions they wanted answering. We then set up interviews for those children who were successful at the paper-sift stage.

Interviews for new Bully-Busters
Interviews for new Bully-Busters

The Bully-Busters have taken two assemblies in the last term; the first one looked at the issue of whether you could be a bully yourself, and the second one reminded the children of what the definition of bullying is and what to do if you genuinely think you are a victim of bullying.

We have also explored the role of the “bystander” in bullying situations and the phenomenon of group bullying.

For Anti-Bullying week, this year, of which the theme is “Make a Noise about Bullying”, we are having a poetry competition which we will read out in assembly and post up around the school.