Introducing the Eco-Committee…

Last year, Wicklewood formed their first Eco-Committee with the aim of improving the school environment, giving pupils a voice to share their concerns about the environment and providing a platform for pupils to work with adults to create meaningful changes to reduce the environmental impacts of Wicklewood School.

As we had a prolonged period out of school last year, it was agreed that the Eco-Committee should have a 2 year run so that they get to have a complete year to make meaningful changes and aim to achieve an international Green Flag Eco-Schools bronze award.

Environmental Review

This Environmental Review was undertaken by the members of the Eco-Committee before we went into lockdown. The Eco-Committee teamed up across year groups to help each other complete all of the areas and interviewed key adults around the school to get all of the information they needed. During our Eco-Committee meeting, we came together and discussed the review and what actions we thought needed to be taken. Please have a look at what they found below:

Eco-Committee Minutes

The Eco-Committee meet once a half-term (currently in a socially distanced manner) and discuss our progress, report back if we have had tasks to complete and set actions to move forward. This year Amelia is taking our minutes (Kingfisher). If you would like to see what we have been up to, please check out the minutes from our previous meetings.

Eco-Committee Updates

As a school, we are always looking for ways to use and improve our school environment.

Eco-Committee Special Announcement 24.03.21

We are really proud to announce that Wicklewood Primary School has achieved the BRONZE Eco-Schools award.

A huge well done to the Eco-Committee for their commitment, hard-work and ideas and to the whole school for taking steps to improve our sustainability. We look forward to furthering our efforts as we begin our journey towards the silver award!