Learning at Wicklewood

(Our Curriculum)

Our Curriculum Intent

We have a clear, shared ‘Curriculum Intent’ which underpins our long-term curriculum and has strong links with our school values and motto:

Be the Best you Can Be!

Rooted in the community we challenge children to reach out to the wider world and develop cultural capital as lifelong learners. As part of the Wicklewood DNA we strive for children:

To Discover

  • We provide a warm, caring, respectful, friendly, and safe environment for every child and adult.
  • To promote excellence by bringing learning alive; to engage, enthuse and inspire our learners, whilst allowing them to discover the essential skills and knowledge for the future.

To be Nurtured

  • To nurture and develop talent and potential so that each member of the school community is valued and achieves success.
  • To work in partnership with the families of our pupils, ensuring that the school values that we embrace are at the heart of all we do.

To Achieve

  • To support children and staff to have the courage and determination to be the best that they can be in learning and as citizens of the global community.
  • Develop an understanding that by working together we can deepen our own thinking, and all achieve more.

For many of our children the journey begins in Nursery. Everything we do, as a team, is aimed at providing the very best possible educational and life opportunities for every child.

To understand more about how the Wicklewood DNA has been implemented in our curriculum click on the next tab at the top of the page. Alternatively please see class pages for more information about how the curriculum is taught and our subject pages to understand progression within each subject. (Coming soon!)

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