Greenfinch Class wc 13th July

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Ah, Greenfinches, we have come to our last week of home learning for this school year….can you believe it? We very much hope you are able to join us on Monday 20th July where we will have the chance to see you all again and say a proper goodbye.

The ‘Greenfinch Memories’ post is live on the class blog and we are loving reading all your memories. You can add as many as you like, so keep them coming!

The final teacher’s video (by Miss Jell), will be on the website on Monday morning. Please watch this before you begin your home learning.

Below, we have listed some activities for English and Maths to help you look back over your learning in Year 3.

We would like to say how wonderful it has been to be your teachers this year. It certainly will be a memorable year to look back on and you are a class we will never forget. We have loved working with every one of you and we are glad you will only be moving across the corridor into Lapwing class – Miss Jell will be keeping a eye on you! 😊 We wish you all the very best and hope you have a fun packed summer.

Have a great last week of term everyone!

From Miss Jell & Mrs Nixon

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Our blogs can be found on Purple Mash.

  • Just login
  • Click on the tab at the top of Purple Mash marked “Sharing”
  • Then click on “Shared Blogs”

Recap Quizzes (inc. SPAG from Mrs Nixon)

Using the website I would like you to pick some quizzes to test your knowledge. There are lots and lots to choose from…..

….but I would recommend the following:

  • English KS2 – adjectives, adverbs, connectives/conjunctions, direct speech, metaphors, onomatopoeia, similes
  • Mrs Nixon would like you to complete – apostrophes to mark omission, apostrophes to mark possession, commas 1, commas 2, prefixes, suffixes
  • Maths KS2 – Addition and subtraction Y3, Fractions Y3, Measures Y3, Multiplication Y3, Place value Y3, Shapes Y3, Solving Problems (money) Y3, Time Y3

I would suggest trying two quizzes per day.

There is also a Key Stage 1 version of the quizzes to help your child recap their previous learning at

There are also some other sections to explore…..I was particularly interested in the “Cup of tea” section! 😊


Purple Mash Reading 2do – Chapters 6 & 7

This week I have set Chapter 6 AND Chapter 7 of our more challenging text …. The final chapters!! I really hope you have enjoyed the book and love the ending.

Collins Big Cat Online Books

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to login
  • Use the tick boxes on the left of the screen too choose the coloured book band you would like to read
  • Browse and select books from the shelf

You can listen to the story being read, pause and read yourself, zoom in to the words/pictures and complete an activity, all using the control panel at the bottom of the screen…

The books go up to Turquoise level book bands and this will give you an idea of the highest level on this site…

If you child has recently become a free reader these books would still be beneficial for reading comprehension in conjunction with the quiz.

Oxford Owl

  • Oxford Owl Bookshelf Age 7-9 – Suggested reader – The Big Chance
  • Oxford Owl Bookshelf Age 9-11 – Suggested reader – The Secret Garden

For books at a lower level, please see ‘Collins Big Cat’ instructions above.


  • Peak 1 challenge
    • The Planets
  • Peak 2 challenge
    • Mary Seacole
  • Peak 3 challenge
    • Who was Robin Hood?


As this is the final week, each day we will be creating a memory book looking back on Year 3 and also thinking about our next step in to Year 4. I am providing pages for your book with ideas on them to help get you started but you may prefer to make your own book with your own pages and just use the suggestions from my pages.


Please use the attached memory book document and the Year 3 writing targets document (updated).

Today we will look at pages 1, 2 and 3 of the memory book.


  • Peak 1 Challenge – Create a front cover for your memory book (page 1) and complete the favourite things section (page 2)
  • Peak 2 Challenge – After completing the peak 1 challenge, move on to page 3 and write more about your own favourite things e.g favourite sports, favourite foods, favourite dances.
  • Peak 3 Challenge – Write a poem about all of your favourite things. You may like to use the famous song from the film ‘The Sound of Music’ for inspiration. Listen here at

All peaks – Use the Year 3 writing targets document (updated) as you write each day this week. Tick of the features you have included in your writing. You don’t want to include everything everyday!! But by Friday try to have included all of them.


Please use the attached memory book document and the Year 3 writing targets document (updated).

Today we will look at pages 4 and 5 of the memory book.

  • Peak 1 Challenge – Complete page 4 of the memory book
  • Peak 2 Challenge – After completing page 4, use page 5 to write a letter to the new children who are going to be the new Greenfinch class. Think about what you would like to tell them. What do you think they should know about the class? Is it different to Year 2? Do you have any tips for them?
  • Peak 3 Challenge – After completing peak 1 & 2 challenges, write a letter to yourself, then put it in a safe place until July 2021 (when you will be getting ready to move in to Year 5!!) What would you tell your future-self in this letter? What would you like to remember about this time of your life?


Please use the attached memory book document and the Year 3 writing targets document (updated).

Today we will look at pages 6 and 7 of the memory book.

Begin by watch the song/video clip at and then listen again and look / listen carefully at the words used in the song at

  • Peak 1 Challenge – Complete page 6 ‘You’ve got a friend in me’
  • Peak 2 Challenge – After completing peak 1, draw a picture of you and your friends in the picture frame on page 7. It could be a portrait of all your faces or a drawing of you doing a lovely activity together
  • Peak 3 Challenge – After completing peak 1 & 2 challenges, write a letter to your friend and send it. It could be a real letter on paper that you post to them, or it could be typed in to an email to send. You may get a reply!


Today, please practise our wonderful ‘Like a Roman’ assembly song at

We REALLY hope you will be able to come back in to school on Tuesday 20th July to say goodbye to us, and say hello to your new teacher! We will be singing our ‘Like a Roman’ Song on that day 😊


Here is a poem that we think sums up the end of the year really nicely. We hope you enjoy reading it!

Today please look at another kind of poem called a shape poem. Look at and read some of the shape poems here at:

A shape poem is where the words of the poem are written in to the shape of the subject. E.g. a poem about a cat is written out to form the shape of a cat.

  • Please use the attached Greenfinch outline document to help you create the shape of a greenfinch or feel free to create your own shape!
  • Inside the shape write words about your time in Greenfinch class. These can rhyme or not, they can form sentences or just phrases or individual words.
  • Please make sure you are using joined, neat handwriting when you write.
  • You may like to use different coloured pens or pencils to write – like this … Concrete "Shape" Poems - Lessons - Tes Teach
  • Or you may like to shade pale colours over the top once you are finished – like this…

Shape poetry 4 th gr 2014 - YouTube

As always, we would love to see the things you have done this week via the greenfinch class email address or by sharing on the class blog.


This week I would like you to look back through the White Rose home learning resources at

Here you will see ALL of the home learning that has been made available by White Rose since lockdown began.

If you click on the + icons each section will expand to let you see the topic for each week.

  • Each day please choose a previous topic to work through (or a topic that you did not cover originally) and fill in the attached Maths recap and refresh grid

You may also find it useful to look at some of the BBC Bitesize Maths Topics at

Don’t forget……

Karate Cats Maths Karate Cats will help you to keep your Maths skills sharp and remember some of the Maths we have learnt in Year 1, Year 2 and at the beginning of Year 3. Choose Bronze level questions for an easy start, Silver for a bit more of a challenge or Gold for a much harder challenge!

Daily times tables

Please practice your times tables for about 10 minutes each day. “Little and often” is the best way to make those times tables facts stick, and they help you a huge amount in your calculations in other areas of maths. You can use any of the following resources or, of course, some ideas of your own!