Lapwing Class w/c 8th June

I hope you have been enjoying the super weather we have had recently.

I have set maths and English learning for the week and you have the family challenge too.

Stay safe. Miss Marriott

Maths – fractions:

^^ Please follow the week commencing 18/5/20 on White Rose Maths – I have attached the link to the videos – The worksheets and the answers are attached as PDFs.

  • Monday – recognise tenths and hundredths.
  • Tuesday – equivalent fractions.
  • Wednesday – equivalent fractions (part 2).
  • Thursday – fractions greater than one.
  • Friday – maths challenge.
    • EASIER ^ I have attached 5 fractions sheets which are clear – there is one per day.

There are some guide videos here

Times tables:


We are continuing with our Mission Possible booklet. Remember you can listen to it here

You have 3 2Dos about verbs and recapping verb tenses to try too. ^ Ice cream tenses. ^^ Little Red Tenses. ^^^ Box the verb.

You have 3 2Dos about inverted commas and speech to try too. ^ Mark wants chicken (an introduction to them). ^^ Inverted commas. ^^^ Frank’s clever window.

  • Wednesday – Today you get to create your secret code and design your own secret gadget too! Pages 26-27.
  • Thursday – Story planner and ideas. Pages 28-32.
  • Friday – Writing your own story (remember to use ‘Mission Possible’ as your WAGOLL) using your planning and ideas that you have built up this week. If you would like to send your story to me on our class email please do – I will read them .


  • This week you have s shortened version of ‘Stig of the Dump’ by Clive King to enjoy. There are 2 chapters, chapter 2 has 3 parts. You can read it yourself (^^) and there are questions to talk about or write answers to (^^^). If you would prefer to have the story read to you and follow it, there is a PowerPoint with a read along version (^) – press the microphone symbol on the top right.


We are moving on to words that have ‘ture’ at the end. Remember short, daily practise is best .

  • Monday – practise with best handwriting (don’t forget ascenders and descenders – f, p, t, write words with capitals as break letters and as all lower case too).

^ If you need more help with these letters watch these videos and have a practise (f). (p). (t).

  • Tuesday – fill in the missing word in the sentence (sheet attached).
  • Wednesday – put your words in a super, secret spy sentence!
  • Thursday – come up with a rhyme/acronym for each spelling to help you remember. You have a spelling quiz with our weekly spelling words as a 2Do on Purple Mash.
  • Friday – Ask somebody to give you weekly spelling challenge. How many other words can you think of with ‘ture’ at the end?

^ List B – can you remember the ‘ture’ spelling at the end? Practise this on its own to start with.

  1. Cap
  2. Capture
  3. Fix
  4. Fixture
  5. Mix
  6. Mixture

^^ List A:

  • Creature
  • Texture
  • Picture
  • Future
  • Culture
  • Adventure

^^^ How many different tenses or words can you think of that are from the same word family as these words? E.g. picture = pictured (past), picturing (present), pictures (plural).

Don’t forget BBC Bitesize also have some great learning on their website too.