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Welcome to a new week for home learning.

Please find below the Year 1 English and Maths activities for this week.


Logon to and use ‘My Class Login’ button (classname: robinclass, password: book) to access this week’s ebooks.

RWI Group

Read Write Inc eBook

Age Filter



Sound Blending 3

4-5 years

A Dog’s Day


Jan’s Pancake

4-5 years



Up in the Air

5-6 years

Please Do No Sneeze


The Radish Contest

6-7 years

Things that Sting


At the seaside

6-7 years

Minibeast Poems


A Place in Space: The Moon

6-7 years

East of the Sun, West of the Moon


Please access the ‘Read Write Inc Phonics Lessons at Home’ page on YouTube at for the daily phonics lesson with Rosie.

The sound your child will need to focus on will depend on their RWI group before the school closure.

This week’s lessons are:-


Set Sound












oo (zoo)

Orange/Yellow Blue/Grey







Set 2 phonics lessons start at 10am with spellings at 10.15am.

Set 3 phonics lessons start at 10.30am with spellings at 10.45am.

Don’t worry if you miss the lesson start time as the videos will remain available on the Read Write Inc YouTube channel for 24 hours.

Any spellings can be completed in the home school sharing book, an exercise book or a notebook.

On the RWI Phonics Lessons at Home page there are also links to Storytime with Nick who will be reading a story every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2pm.

Teach Your Monsters to Read

Keep logging in to the ‘Teach Your Monsters to Read’ online resource or use the app to continue your adventure in phonics and reading.

Login details are the same as PurpleMash logins.

Access this resource at or download the app (currently discounted to 99p) setting the set the Icon id pdf star code to 768037.


For English this week, we will be undertaking some fiction writing based on the story ‘Katie in London’, a little girl who goes on a big adventure in a big city. Miss Browne at the Oak National Academy will guide you through the learning.

The lessons and the resources can be found at

Miss Brown has the /igh/ /ie/ /i-e/ alternative sounds (phonemes) as her sound of the week. This is helpful revision and spelling practice but depending upon your child’s phonic progress they may not know all of these sounds yet. Please also note that the /ie/ phoneme (as in pie) is not a sound discretely taught in the Read Write Inc programme.

Please ensure that you keep following the Read Write Inc phonics lessons on YouTube outlined above for your daily phonics learning.



Learning Focus



Listen to a story, recap the settings and answer questions.



Commit a story to memory and make a story map.



To use capital letters for proper nouns.



To begin to write a story.



To continue to write our story.

Use your home school sharing book, exercise book or notebook to record your work. ‘Tick or fix’ your work with Miss Browne when you are asked to.

On Tuesday, an adult will need to provide you with a blank piece of paper folded into nine boxes to create your story map. You will need to keep this for the other lessons.


We will use White Rose Maths learning resources this week to recap doubling and investigate making equal groups (grouping/sharing) and finding a half.

There is a video lesson presentation for each day which starts with practising key maths skills and then moves on to the new learning. There are separate activity and answer sheets on the school website for each day.

If you have access to a printer, then please print out the activity sheet. If you cannot print this document, ask an adult to help you create a frame &/or draw pictures like the activity sheet in your home school sharing book, exercise book or notebook. Adults can help you to use the separate answer sheets to ‘tick or fix’ your work.

Important Parent Note:

In school, we adopt a Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach when learning new concepts in maths. An explanation of this approach can be found at:-

It is therefore important that your child gets to use physical objects first when exploring new maths concepts. Whilst your child may be confident at doubling, when grouping, sharing or finding a half your child will need to manipulate physical objects (e.g. counters, lego, dried pasta) to help them see the maths. I would rather your child spent time being confident at this than completing the worksheet.



Learning Objective

Lesson Presentation


To make doubles


To make equal groups – grouping


To make equal groups – sharing


To find a half


To find a half

Robin Class Blog

I have created a Robin Class Blog on PurpleMash if you would like to share any news or work with the class.

This is a private Wicklewood Primary School community blog. You must get parent/carer approval before posting or commenting.

To access the blog, login to PurpleMash and select the sharing tab at the top of the screen. Then select the shared blogs tab and the ‘Robin Class’ blog.

To add a new post use the green + button or to add kind and positive comments on existing posts use the post comment button. All posts and comments need teacher approval before they are added so please be patient!

I have posted links to a couple of great story ebooks about feeling worried that you can share with an adult.

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Thematic Learning

On the school website you will find a range of family friendly thematic learning opportunities based around ‘My Family and Familiar People’. Pick and choose from these activities for your other learning challenges this week.

It would be great to see some of your work of the theme blog.

Keep going with your home learning and don’t forget to thank your home school teachers for their support and patience!

Hope to see you soon.