Lapwing Class w/c 1st June

I hope that you have a HAPPY week! Welcome to the new half term Lapwings. I have set maths and English learning for the week and you have the family, theme-based learning too. Stay safe, Miss Marriott J


Times tables:

  • Monday – 2Do on purple mash (2race) – ^ 2s, 5s, 10s. ^^3s, 4s, 8s, ^^^ all up to 12x. Extra challenge up to 15x!
  • Tuesday – simple dice game – roll 1(^^ – up to 6 x table) or 2 dice (^^^ up to 12 x table) and the first person to multiply the numbers together quickest wins! To make this easier (^) keep one number you are x by the same e.g. 5, so you only have to think about what you are x that number by when you roll the dice. E.g. 5 x 2, 5 x 7, 5 x 9, 5 x 6, 5 x 3…
  • Wednesday – times table test – please ask somebody at home to give you one with 10 questions.
  • Daily – Don’t forget rockstars!


  • Lapwings – do you want to go on an adventure? Have you ever wanted to be a spy? Well this week’s English focus is all about two twins who have a special secret. By reading the story, you will learn their spy-licious secret and build your way to writing your own adventure story. I have decided to change the resources that we are using for English and would like you to use ‘Talk For Writing’ instead of Hamilton Trust, this week and next we will be focusing on ‘Mission Possible’ (booklet attached). I have split the activities up into days as a guide to help you. Please use the given story as an example of what we are trying to achieve (a WAGOLL as we would when we do talk for writing in school).
  • Monday – Read the story (^ easier option there is an audio book which can read it and you can follow) – and ‘chat about the story’. Pages 1-7.
  • Tuesday – Answer questions about the story and make up your own questions, sequence the story using the story mountain (^ use the parts of the story given, ^^ try to sequence the story in your own words –draw your own story mountain in your English book). Also match up the ‘wonderful words’ with their definitions (^^^ can you think of your own wonderful words?). Pages 8-10.
  • Wednesday – Characters in the story – complete the character profiles in your English book (^ complete 1 or 2, ^^ 3 and ^^^ all 4 characters). Pages 11-15.
  • Thursday – Characters names and start to think of your own. Can you draw a picture of your ideas for characters after completing the sheets? Pages 16-20.
  • Friday – Ideas for settings – where can you find in your house/garden that might be good for a spy? Can you draw a picture of your chosen setting too? Pages 21-22.


  • There is quite a lot of reading in the English lessons this week, however if you would like to do any more additional to this, I have set ‘The Horde of Ravens’ as a 2DO, it is all about when the Romans betray the Iceni people and Queen Boudicca rallies the Celtic tribe, there are 7 chapters.


  • Monday – We are carrying on with the ‘sure’ ending this week – can you decide whether these spellings sound like sure or ‘zhuh’ like last week? Practise with your best handwriting.
  • Tuesday – Spelling coordinates game (attached – you could draw the grid in your English book).
  • Wednesday – wordsearch – you could find these words on screen!
  • Thursday – River game to help Mr Whoops on the PowerPoint attached.
  • Friday – Ask somebody to give you a spelling challenge of these words. I have set a spelling quiz about the sure ending as a 2Do on Purple Mash too.
  • I have also attached the high frequency words and all of the Year 3 and 4 words – if you look through – which ones are you confident with/not confident with? Could you make any posters/flash cards and possibly display them in your room or somewhere in your house for individual words that you are finding tricky?

List A:                    

  • Leisure (watch out for the ‘ei).
  • Enclosure
  • Unsure
  • Ensure
  • Pleasure
  • Composure 

List B (can you remember the sure ending?):

  • sure
  • ensure
  • unsure
  • press
  • pressure
  • please 

 Don’t forget BBC Bitesize also have some great learning on their website too.