Kestrel Class Fri 24th April

For English, continue to follow the Hamilton lessons if you wish. There’s a range of activities, but feel free to dip in and out of the Hamilton activities and those that I post below.

English –

Using your new character, think about an event that could cause them to become a refugee. What might happen in their culture that could cause them to leave their home? In class there were many insightful and knowledgeable suggestions for this based on general knowledge, knowledge of historical events and sharing family experiences. Plan a short recount to describe the event that could have happened. You may want to use, adapt or magpie these headings for your plan:

  • Time of day
  • Time of year
  • Weather
  • Major event
  • People involved
  • Location of event

Maths –

Use the link below to continue to follow the White Rose Maths coverage, if you do not have access to a printer to print the worksheets (or perhaps if you are wanting to be considerate of the environment) you may wish to pick 3 exercises and copy them into your home learning book. Please continue to work through these activities.

If you are unable to access this, try completing the following:

Once you have completed these, use the inverse to check your answers.

Greater depth:

Try adding a further 1.28 to each of these questions.


If you complete the challenge, have a go at writing a similar one of your own.


Usually we would look at Geography topics that tie in with Europe but Miss Marriott has shared with me a wonderful resource that allows you to explore the world from home. Use the login details below to access espresso. They have a new clip each day and a question to look out for the answer to that can be recorded in your home learning book or wherever you are choosing to record your learning. There are 30 clips and they suggest doing one a day but I will leave this to your discretion. You may want to just pick a few and focus on them.

Alternatively, if you are unable to access the website and clips, choose a country to research that you have never been too and that you do not currently know much about and find out 10 facts about that country.