Lapwing Class Tue 31st March


  • I would like the children to get creative:
    • The first job is to describe this picture (also on 2Dos on Purple Mash with suggestions) – use adjectives, adverbs and give the reader a picture in their mind).
    • Then please turn your ideas into a poem – again this is a 2Do on Purple Mash or you could write it in your English book. Try to include adjectives, adverbs, alliteration, rhyme, creating images through your description (you could try to use similes and metaphors too). Think back to our poetry topic.

  • Don’t forget to keep spelling and reading going too!


  • Times tables – keep going with times table rockstars for at least 10 minutes a day. Please also play times table rock, paper scissors.
  • You have a sheet rounding decimals (you do not need to print and colour the picture but instead just write down the number and what you would round it to).
  • Quick daily, recall of mental maths – attached.


  • Don’t forget Joe Wicks daily workout at 9am on his live YouTube channel.


  • Even though we may be restricted in doing things we may want to do at the moment. Can you take the time to stop and think of 3 things you are really grateful for/things that have gone well today/this week? Share these with somebody at home. Can you ask others the same question and get them to share theirs with you too? REMEMBER TO BE POSITIVE .