BIG Update Spring Term 2014

We are absolutely delighted to have been awarded the BIG Award, last month, which was the culmination of a year’s work by the children, staff, parents and governors, and which recognised the “excellent” work done at this school on anti-bullying.

We realise, however, that there is always more to be done, and this term we have a dual focus:

  • E-Safety
  • Anti-homophobic bullying

The Parents’ evening on E-safety, on 20.1.14, was a huge success with several people feeding back afterwards that they had followed up on the advice given, and it was so helpful that everyone was willing to share their own experiences and areas of expertise. We welcome any further feedback and suggestions on how we can continue to support our families on this issue.

We are now working with children across the whole school at their level on internet safety, with the School Council taking a lead role in a campaign to raise awareness of the issues facing children and young people today. Our campaign is called:

“Ease-up: stay safe,” with Stay Safe Steve (created by Jack Vincent) helping us.

image004We are also addressing the issue of homophobic bullying and the problems of gender stereotyping through PSHE (Personal, Social, and Health Education) at the levels appropriate for each age group. We are challenging the use of the word “Gay” to describe something as rubbish, and any bullying in the form of teasing about behaviour that is considered to be non-gender-typical. The children are also learning about different types of families and the right to be different.

Our next Parent Forum will be based on these two areas and is on Wednesday 12th March at 2.30pm. You are all very welcome and we really appreciate your ideas and support.